ccm_means is a utility function to summarize output from the ccm function. If there is a `model_output` column (e.g. if `ccm()` was run with `stats_only = FALSE`), then that column is dropped before summaries are computed.

ccm_means(ccm_df, FUN = mean, ...)



a data.frame, usually output from the ccm function


a function that aggregates the numerical statistics (by default, uses the mean)


optional arguments to FUN


A data.frame with forecast statistics aggregated at each unique library size


data("sardine_anchovy_sst") anchovy_xmap_sst <- ccm(sardine_anchovy_sst, E = 3, lib_column = "anchovy", target_column = "np_sst", lib_sizes = seq(10, 80, by = 10), num_samples = 100)
#> Warning: Note: CCM results are typically interpreted in the opposite direction of causation. Please see 'Detecting causality in complex ecosystems' (Sugihara et al. 2012) for more details.
#> Warning: Found overlap between lib and pred. Enabling cross-validation with exclusion radius = 0.
a_xmap_t_means <- ccm_means(anchovy_xmap_sst)