Project Title


tests, DOI, compliance with community standards


one short paragraph about your project’s goal and context


step-by-step guide, e.g. download and install the package include details on where to enter the commands - users may not know that a command needs to be entered in the shell / command-line or how to open the shell / command-line

# code to perform the step

optional check of version or correct installation

# code to perform the check

Prerequisites (if needed)

(if requiring additional libraries, provide instruction or links to How-To guides)

Example Task (rename as needed)

description of the basic task to be demonstrated include instructions to download example data or use example data with the software

# code chunks (as many as needed)

More Information (optional)

links to tutorial, readings, other resources, etc.

Contributing (if needed)

link to and/or for instructions on contributing / submitting pull requests


funding sources / acknowledgements for this project

How to Cite

example citation